• The Little One by Kiyo Tanaka

The Little One by Kiyo Tanaka

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On her way home, a young girl meets a little figure that only she can see. Join the pair on an afternoon filled with tea and adventures, friendship and magic!

WHY WE LOVE IT: Doesn't every child dream of having an imaginary friend? There is something magical about a creature that no one else is able to see. This is my number one book that I love to recommend to people coming into the bookshop.

These days children's books are so full of color, but I love the simplicity of the black and white illustrations. We often think we need to add all this stuff to kids things to make them interesting and to be honest, kids enjoy simple stuff— the magic of friendship, adventures & an afternoon tea party.

I think that children are often able to see things that adults are not able to see which is why this book is so poignant— it's a great reminder for all the grownups to occasionally leave the rational & logical brains behind and enjoy the healing that comes from letting the imagination run free. 

GOOD FOR: Dreamers. Imaginary Friends. Designers & Illustrators.