• The Boy Who Loved Everyone

The Boy Who Loved Everyone

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Dimitri may be small, but his heart is as big and as open as a cloudless blue sky. “I love you,” Dimitri tells his new classmates at preschool. “I love you,” Dimitri tells the class guinea pig and the ants on the ground. “I love you,” Dimitri tells the paintbrushes and the tree with heart-shaped leaves. So why doesn’t anyone say “I love you” back? 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Emotional intelligence is such an important thing to instill in kids—especially boys. Nothing has made me more certain of this than watching my own son interact in the world. I think that helping kids understand that the way others react and feel may not be the same as they might do. This book shows in a really unique way, just how many ways there are to express love. The mean old man on the park bench is telling the stray cats he loves them by giving them tuna. Berthe the dinner lady says 'I love you' with her smile. Stella, Sue and Sophie tell the birds they love them by feeding them seed. Encouraged, Dimitri starts to see that most people love others.



GOOD FOR:  Sons. Bedtime Routines. Tough Days at School.