• Petunia


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In this, the first of the series of classic books featuring the silly goose, Petunia finds a book—and, deciding that if she owns a book she must be wise, dispenses hilariously mistaken advice to the other animals in the farmyard.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This is a classic book that belongs in every child's library, also in love with Roger Duvoisin's children's books, they have a certain kind of quirk. I'm convinced Petunia was the original "silly goose"— a phrase my daughter uses frequently. A wonderful barnyard tale about a goose who thinks that just owning a book makes her wise. She sends every animal in the barnyard into chaos while dishing out her wisdom until she realizes that she might need to open the book & learn how to read in order to access the 'wisdom'. A truly bonkers book that will make you giggle and send your children into fits of uproar and disbelief at her ignorance.


GOOD FOR:  Having a Laugh. Bedtime Routines. Dealing with Insane Toddlers.