• Paolo Emperor of Rome

Paolo Emperor of Rome

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Paolo the dachshund is trapped. Though he lives in Rome, a city filled with history and adventure, he is confined to a hair salon. Paolo dreams of the sweet life—la dolce vita—in the Eternal City. And then, one day, he escapes! Paolo throws himself into the city, finding adventure at every turn.

WHY WE LOVE IT:  Who doesn't love a bold, unapologetic dog? A story of bold escapes, heroic rescues, and fearsome cats. Paolo is a dog who strives to live his best life and doesn't take no for an answer. Trust me when I say your kids will want to read this book over and over, and then probably beg you to take them to Italy afterwards just so they can visit all the places Paolo visits. In a single day, Paolo wins over the dogs of Rome, its people, and the pope— he’ll just as easily endear himself to your family. Molto Bene!

GOOD FOR:  Adventurous Kids. Dog Lovers. Travelers.