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New Parents

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New Parents are in this new foggy haze of life where they probably have very little time to read— in fact— very little time to do anything except keep this new small human alive, and sleep. But, that being said, as a new parent you're kind of starved for some way of keeping in touch with the outside world. These 2 issues of Kindling are a perfect pickup-putdown kind of read for the bathroom, or breastfeeding, or any idle time in which you're looking for something engaging (that's not instagram)!

Issue 1: The Emotional Issue

Inside The Emotions Issue, you’ll find an interview with the professor of psychology who advised on Pixar’s Inside Out, a workbook geared towards helping your child talk about their feelings, and a photo essay in which fruits and vegetables bring common idioms to life. Just ask yourself: What would it really look like to be “cool as a cucumber”?

Issue 2: The Body Issue

This issue has teamed up with Wow in the World to answer children’s most curious questions about their bodies, interview the Swedish social worker who successfully campaigned for the “snippa”—a neutral word to replace the many euphemisms used for female genitals, and report on the important role of parents and caregivers in making children feel good about their bodies. In our fashion shoots, we’re making DIY hi-vis outfits and customizing crutches, wheelchairs and casts!

What does Baby Want? 

Wouldn't we like to know.. there will be lots of guessing!