• All the ways to be smart

All the ways to be smart

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A tender, funny, and exquisitely illustrated picture book celebrating all the unique and wonderful qualities that make children who they are. With heartwarming rhyming text all about knowing what makes you special, All the Ways to Be Smart is a wonderful introduction to conversations about self-esteem.

WHY WE LOVE IT: We're taught from such a young age that being smart means getting good grades & knowing the right answers. But this book gives us a new vocabulary for how 'smart' translates to things like being kind & intuitive & feeling. It is being empathetic, having fun, thinking creatively, being brave, adventurous, curious and having an imagination. This is a book that really celebrates the multifaceted qualities of what makes us human.


GOOD FOR:  Family Read Aloud. Bedtime Routines. Tough Days at School.