Author Submissions


As a small children's bookstore with a tiny staff, we primarily stock the shop with titles that are heavily curated by our team to reflect a design sensibility, marginalized communities & a diverse range of topics for children. 

We know that  publishing industry has many barriers to entry and that there are are other avenues to getting crucial books out to readers, including self-published author consignment with independent community bookstores like ours.

Please read this entire page before submitting your work for our shelves. We receive hundreds of submissions from self-published & small press authors but are unable to accommodate every request. Thank you for understanding that we do not have the capacity to field phone call or in-person consignment requests.




1. We do NOT accept titles published or printed through
This includes books created using Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace. If you are considering self-publishing, we recommend Ingram Spark

2. We do NOT accept unsolicited books in-store or in the mail. 
Our busy team will redirect you to this page. Any unsolicited books will be considered donations and will become the sole property of Alice, Ever After Books.

3. Book submissions are open twice a year.
Between January 1st - 31st and July 1st - 31st. Submissions sent outside these dates will not be considered.

4. We work on a consignment basis for all submission requests. 


A printed and bound spine displaying the title and author name. (If readers/ staff can't find your books on our shelves, they cannot sell.)
Be hardcover, board, or equivalent cover displaying the title and author name. We do not accept paperback titles.
Have a 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and bar code.
List a suggested retail price on the back cover. (Price should be comparable to other similar books.)
Be created using a non-Amazon self-publishing platform.
Be specifically tailored toward a youth audience (0-12 years old)




We accept submissions twice a year between January 1st - 31st and July 1st - 31st. Submissions sent outside these dates will not be considered.

Please email with the subject BOOK CONSIGNMENT and the following information.

  • The Author's name, email address, and a link to the Author's website and/or social media

  • The title, ISBN, publisher, publication date, genre, and retail price of the book.

  • Confirmation that the book has been professionally bound and edited.

  • A brief synopsis of the book’s content & why it is a good fit for Nook Books & our customers. 




1. If we feel that your book is a good fit for our store, we will hold 5 copies per title for our consignment period of 90 days. After 90 days, Nook Books may elect to extend the consignment period for subsequent periods of 30 days or contact the Author to pick up unsold books, which must be retrieved within 7 days or considered donations. 

2. There is a $15 stocking fee per title to have your book reviewed by our team. If your book sells more than 5 copies in one year, this fee will be refunded. 

3. Pricing for consigned books will be determined by Nook Books based on the suggested retail price from the Author and/or publisher. Upon sale, the Author will receive 60% of proceeds, and Nook Books will retain 40% of proceeds as sales commission. The author will receive payment at the end of the initial consignment period; if Nook Books opts to extend the consignment period, the Author will receive payment by the end of each month.




We have a review team comprised of local families & educators with diverse family structures, racial backgrounds, religious backgrounds, and children from different age groups. Each family knows our shop philosophy and the kinds of books that make a good fit for our store. We are looking for books with subjects, themes & characters that might not be represented in our shop. 

<3 Emma & the Nook Team