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  • Spring Bundle

Spring Bundle

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Here at Nook, we love to help kids build their libraries (and adults too). The best children’s books are works of existential philosophy in disguise — gifts of timeless consolation for the eternal child living in each of us. 

Let Nook be your personal library-builder & curate a one-of-a-kind bundle of books for the kids in your world.

This spring collection is an ode to Mother Earth and all the beautiful things we can learn from the natural world, our greatest teacher. Think of this collection like an interactive nature guide, each book can help us all pay more attention to things we might ordinarily overlook in our busy everyday lives. The books vary in what they offer, some have very practical activities for engaging with the outdoor world & others are more imaginative stories with inspiring characters. 

In nature we surrender to a soft fascination with a world bigger than ourselves and in turn encounter parts of the mind that we rarely access. 

What you'll receive:

  • 10 spring related books
  • Curation cards from us
  • Discussion Questions for kids
  • Activities outside inspired by each of the books
  • Gift wrapped with love by our Nook Team

Local Pickups & Shipping available

PLEASE NOTE: These are a limited edition bundle & will be shipping starting April 15th, 2023