• Old Flame by Molly Prentiss (MAY PICK)

Old Flame by Molly Prentiss (MAY PICK)

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This is a story about the essential—and often existential—choices that define a woman's life at every level, from which to wear to when to have a child to how to be in the world. It is both a critique and a celebration of artistic ambition, a love letter to female friendships and an ode to how women reinvent themselves over and over agian.

Emily, the narrator holds a day job as a copywriter for a Manhattan department store, lives in Brooklyn with her photographer boyfriend, and aspires to write fiction. What will she sacrifice from her old life to make room for a new one? What fires will she be forced to extinguish, and which will keep burning? 

What a wonderfully warmhearted and luminous page-turner about desire, time, love, parenthood, work, and art in women's lives. What a woman invents of herself, what the world demands she be, and the stories she tells to find her many selves across a lifetime are considered with both the scorching verve of Elena Ferrante and the frank humor of Maria Semple. This unforgettable book is a love letter in itself, to how hard and wonderful life is, and to finding home, in all its thrilling, changing forms, ever mysterious and known.

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