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Lala's Words

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Oh, there goes Lala! She carries a pot of water around the corner, down the block, and over the fence, to a patch of dirt and concrete where tiny weeds sprout. "Hello, hello, friends!" she whispers. Lala waters the plants every day, but it is her kind words that make them sway and nod. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Kindness is the most powerful we have to build empathy towards others. This book speaks of how beautiful & important planting seeds of kindness really is. It's something that kids of any age can learn from, it's why children's books are such good gifts and so powerful at starting new conversations with those young and old. Lala's wild nature and quiet compassion enchant in this evergreen story about the power of kind words and the magic of being loved for who you are.


GOOD FOR:  Family Read Aloud. Bedtime Routines. Introverts. Feelers.