• Everyone's Awake

Everyone's Awake

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A silly and sublime bedtime book made to help parents embrace the chaos of the nightly routine. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Written by the lead singer of the Decemberists, this book will be relatable for any parent who feels like they spend *hours on the bedtime routine. With a family more wacky than every character in a Wes Anderson film, it will make your family madness seem kind of normal. Instead of settling down to sleep, Dad bakes bread, Mom fixes the roof, and Grandma plays cards with a ghost. And between the dog, the cat, Sister, and Brother, there's at least three different wars being waged! This book is a staple in our household because as parents who get sick of reading terrible books over and over, this one I'd happily read on repeat.  Giggle your way to sweet and silly dreams! 


GOOD FOR:  Having a Laugh. Bedtime Routines.