About us

by Emma Stevenson

We opened our doors in November of 2021— new parents, new to Lancaster, PA & new to running a children's bookstore.  Our goal was to create a comfy space for parents & their kids to truly hang out & read—find new books, new friends & learn how to use their imagination in new ways. 

Although our store may be the world's tiniest bookstore in real life (265 Sq feet), our internet shelves help us reach more people. We work with small publishers, translated authors & try to find unique books that you might not see everywhere else. 

We REALLY love books & this magical space, so we hope you will visit us in person, but if not, just know we're always saying hello wherever you are. We try our best to make our internet home just as magical as our store! :)

I have balled to Beverly Cleary and Beatrix Potter, giggled to Sandra Scoppettone and Richard Scarry, meditated to Mem Fox, and wept to William Steig, turned a page with Tove Jansson, and recovered with Roald Dahl.

These authors have perhaps been my own version of the therapy years, and while I haven’t paid them for their time— I’ve sat with the pages of their books validated by everything I've learned from their wisdom. 

All our love,

Emma, Jonathan & Joey



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