The beginning of Nook Books

by Emma Stevenson

The 3 biggest questions people have asked me lately are, why children’s books, why a bookstore and why in the world did you end up in Lancaster?

Childrens books have been one of the safest nooks for me in the last 15 years of my life. In times where I have felt invisible, small and overlooked—lonely, crazy and too upset to recover, I have turned to their pages in search of answers.

 I have balled to Beverly Cleary and Beatrix Potter, giggled to Sandra Scoppettone and Richard Scarry, meditated to Mem Fox, and wept to William Steig, turned a page with Tove Jansson, and recovered with Roald Dahl.

These authors have perhaps been my own version of the therapy years, and while I haven’t paid them for their time— I’ve sat on the pages of their books in puddle of tears, and side-stitch kind of giggling, venting and validated by all of the characters in their books.

And so, in 2021— the biggest year for our family. We left Brooklyn, bought a house, had a baby and opened a bookstore.

Our bookstore is a different kind of shop, it's really made for browsing, for reading and for cozying up, and although we sell books we mostly just love to talk books and have company in the shop.


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